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Give Advice: Should Tall Girls Wear High Heels?

Published on September 21, 2010 by snowpowder

I have a new girlfriend who is quite tall. she is 5'7". I am kind of short for a guy. ok, i'm 5'1. Anyway, she is really fashionable and usually wears heels that make her look much taller even. I ask her why she needs to wear such high heels when she is tall already. she says she is not tall, she's just average and that many of her friends are taller than she is. I still say she is tall. so my question is, should tall girls wear high heels?


Yes! Because it makes a girl's posture much more provocative, no matter how tall she is. And most women have told me that they feel so much more sexy when they wear heels. High heels alone can make a woman go from a 6 to an 8 or 9, just like that! Maybe it's just because I've gotten used to dating women who always wear heels, but I just love it. Absolutely love high heels.

If you feel intimidated, you can always get yourself some platform boots and insoles to make yourself taller. Two can play at that game. And your gf is right - depending on ethnicity - but 5'7" is not unusually tall. However, 5'1" is pretty short for a guy. But all you can do is make the best of the genetic cards you were dealt. IMO being a short guy is preferable to being fat, for instance.

I am 5'10" tall and I love to wear heels. Why shouldn't tall women wear heels? I do feel more sexy in heels and I do get more looks when I have heels on. Sounds like you are intimidated by her height. I find that true a lot in my life too. I go from 5'10" tall to 6' with heels and some men find that very intimidating.

I am 5'8 and wear heels anywhere from 3-5.5 inches. Which makes me over 6 feet when I wear them. I love it. Heels are sexy and make a sexy outfit that much better. I think you don't like the fact that she is taller then you even without heels, but with them it's even worse. It's ok though. The fact that your short obviously doesn't bother her or she wouldn't be with you. Don't sweat it. But yes - women of all heights should wear heels.

The basic question: Should tall girls wear heels? Well, of course.Women in heels LOOK sexier.Wasn't looking sexy ONE of the reasons that you were attracted to her? AND...many women FEEL sexier in heels. Don't you want a woman that FEELS sexier? (hint,hint,--there ARE certain advantages to be had from a woman when she FEELS sexy). SOooo, OF COURSE tall girls should be able to wear heels. But, does that address YOUR dilemna? Me thinks not. Five ft 7in IS taller than the norm for women, but, is not abnormally tall. The average height of women in the United States is just under 5'5". I don't think averages play much into this dilemna either though. The basis of YOUR problem is that she is above average height, and YOU are very SIGNIFICANTLY below average height.Average height in the U.S. for men? 5'8-1/2" (How DID you guys ever get together?). Kinda reminds me of Dudley Moore and Susan Anton. I believe Dudley has since passed away but perhaps Susan MIGHT be willing to respond to a personal enquiry if you were to attempt to contact her. Input from ANY source could be helpful. How did things work out for them?(they DID seperate after several years---maybe it was the height?). Ooh, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were....uhm, naw, they didn't make it EITHER. I recall hearing that when Nicole split from Tom--she said, "Great, now I can wear heels again". I think that when MOST women break up with Tom Cruise....they ALWAYS mention something about HEELS. He's somewhat "elevation disadvantaged". It would SEEM that if she really loved you(yeah, that's how you get them to do what you want, ha, that's how WOMEN get US to do what they want---"If you REALLY loved me") she'd have more compassion for your "situation" and would (wait a minute "SITUATION"---this IS really sounding quite hopeless) be willing to COMPROMISE. And YOU have to compromise. Switch OFF. On some days or in certain situations...she can wear heels, and other situations....YOU can wear the heels. Naw, I'm just KIDDING(who'd a thunk?), but I DO like spindrift's suggestion though. High heeled combat boots. Think she might catch YOUR drift? All puns and humor aside(huh? what's the sense of LIVING if you can't make fun of everything?). Unless she's on some kind of POWER TRIP, AND, she doesn't enjoy making you feel small, it would seem that she would perhaps TONE down the heels just a little, perhaps she could even wear flats on occasion (I think flats DO look a bit sexy) and you could could, uh....gee fella , if she went BAREFOOT all the time and YOU wore elevator shoes...She's STILL gonna be significantly taller than you.(btw, you didn't REALLY believe I was gonna get TOO serious did ya?). OK, here's the deal....Don't be so damn sensitive, and tell her to not to be so damn insensitive. And just try to spend LOTS of time off your bed.

actually, you should take the situation as an honor, feel like a celebrity. most guys would LOVE an opportunity standing next to an attractive tall woman, just remember, she is with YOU! what really matters are those intimate moments in which height is not an issue.

I've dated short men (I'm 5'7") and although I don't wear high heels (personal choice and wear only wear when I'm modeling or interviewing), such subject matter was never mentioned in conversation, there other interesting topics to discuss.

best to you!