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Should money matter in a young relationship?

Published on April 17, 2009 by cc

I am unsure if the love is enough in my 2 year relationship. I am barely finding out my boyfriends "financial issues" as for saving money, paying his bills on time, or even spulrging. So, my question is, Should I look for someone who can handle their business, or deal with money issues for a while?


My wife and I had very different relationships with money. She liked to use credit cards and I did not ever. As our credit card debt grew to over $40,000, I felt out of control, mad, and depressed. It became a huge issue in our marriage. While I did not lose any love for her it added a lot of stress. Now we are debt free and she has sworn off the plastic. Deal with the money issues up front or you can pay for it - literally - later.

AMEN! Deal with the money problems up front. The other commenter had a lucky situation. His wife changed. My brother in law hasn't and some weeks they can't pay the cable bill. That's no life you want to lead. Deal with the problems up front.

Let me tell you - it was a struggle for years! My wife can be very stubborn. Her parents always carried a credit card balance - mine saved and paid cash for every car they purchased.

Stay on his butt about it, he will get tired of your inquiries and start to handle money better. It takes time though, what he's doing is a habit, he needs to break it. Mention subtle things to get him to see your side. " Baby, you know all that money you spent on cd's and washing the car, we could have used that to buy something for the house, etc. etc." You can make up your own examples, but after awhile it should work. It did for me and my spender.

Deal with the money issues up front - share the information and share it often.