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Should it be ok for him to sleep with his ex girlfriend?

Published on August 9, 2010 by ked14797

Me and my boyfriend are in an open relationship (still) and he wants to continue to sleep with his ex. He loves me but he says he loves her body and he does have small feelings for her. I want him to be happy but it makes me so upset. He told her that it needs to stop because of me. So i guess my other question is do you you think its gonna last that he dosen't see her?


My husband slept with his ex as well he says it's because she has a nice body and she is his comfort blanket but here's a question you should probably ask yourself as I have asked myself the same question...Isn't he supposed to like your body? and If he keeps going to his ex then shouldn't he just be with her since that's where he obviously wants to be?

Just what about "open" that you don't get? He can sex whomever he wants as can you so go enjoy let him enjoy,

If both of you have initally agreed to see each other and date and he wants so sleep with his ex, my question is why? Has she gone though such a leveling experience that he needs to do this? You are not being respected as you ought to be. And I feel your esteem may be heading downward. If needed, go get a girlfriend or good friend to go with you to see him and walk away and not turn back. Unless you can document his change in time and its satisfactory to you and others who are friends to most.

he likes her body. and yes i agreed to it, ill take responsibility for that. But he still loves her. I'm worried. I hate the open relationship. I did it to make him happy. I want someone to love me for me and accept me for me.

You know, the question is not that he "likes her body". Its a guy speak, Phuleseee don't take its literal meaning!!! When a guy says the phraset he means, "she turns me on, and I have more satisfying sex with her".

Okay, I know that isn't very reassuring at all. But think about it this way. Why is the guy going to this girl to be sexually satisfied? Or to say it differently, why are you not able to sexually satisfy him? The only reason people gravitate to open relationship is to have SEX wit other people !! pure n simple... no one goes to open relationship or FWB for love. So, if he (or she) is being sexually satisfied at home, there won't be a need to go anywhere, right?

Lets try this example: If you and I were friends and I invite you to a BBQ at my place that where am going to cook. If I do a helluva job cooking , you will end up over-eating, and will be filled up to your eyeballs no no room for dessert of anything else to eat.. BUT, if I am a louse cook, you will probably be nice to me and try to eat something i cooked, but then on your way home you will stop at a restaurant to eat or get take out. right? Also, when you are hungry you go to a place that you know for sure serves good yummy food. You don't usually try some new restaurant when you are dying with hunger. right?

Thats how sex is. when your partner is not able to satisfy, you look elsewhere. Instead of a ho, he is going to his ex for sex because he know she will give him good sex. I would say really think about what you can do to provide more satisfying sex to your man. perhaps ask him? or see what kind of porno he watches. and then imitate that and do that for him. If he can get good sex at home he sure isn't going anywhere else. Good luck.