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should I wait or not?

Published on July 10, 2010 by dayanara

my boyfriend is a seaman. we met through a trusted friend. he courted me for a month then we're together. i trusted him coz he's very kind and shy,we live in the same town, many friends attested me that he's not a playboy. i believe them 'coz my male cousins are his friends too. my family and my friend like him. at first, he's so sweet. he called me many times in a day. until later on, he gradually change. he's to0 busy with his friends. i understand that coz in a month he'll be back to his work. we seldom go out but i did not give me a hint that he has a girl. coz i trusted him so much. when i open his facebook account, i read a msg from a girl who is from the other province. they have a relationship[.i confronted him because thru phine.hes in the city coz hell be believing the country the other day. i let him to choose but he couldn't decide. he said he both loves us.he said that the girl was with him. it really hurt! i send many text msgs to him till he change his phone number and he change his facebook password nad remove me to his friends list. it really hurt me. i send a msg to the girl 2 leave u.. she said if he really loves me,he will come back.she feel sorry for me for causing pain. he said to her that he loves her and even offer her a marriage.she doent want to leave with a person who doesnt love her. until i found out that she remove him to his friends list in facebook. pls help. i stiil love him but he caused me so much pain. i know that he also love me but i reacted so much that's why he doent want to reconnect with me. i textd him negative things for what he did.


Have you not heard about a girl in every port? He just met you. Now you have interfered in his life. I would not blame him for being angry. You had no right to torpedo his other relationship. He needs time to decide or not but now you have poisoned the waters. He has the right to take time to see what he wants. You became clingy and needy. His job will always take him away. So, if you can't handle it say so bow out.