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Should I wait for him ?

Published on April 21, 2013 by britneykim

This guy and I have been very close friends for around 10 months now. When we first started getting close he was already in a relationship which was his very first. She eventually left him and cheated on him only after 3 months of dating. My friend is very bad with dealing with emotions and I think it left a scar in his heart. The problem is that I have loved him all along ever since. I confessed to him recently but he said he doesn't find the willingness to be ready to go for it again and said he doesn't want to repeat the same mistakes. Does this mean he really doesn't have feelings for me? Should I wait for him or is it time to move on now.


It has nothing to do with you, people are not weak because they are mourning a friendship, relationship,deception or missing sex with their ex. so whether its a 30 day relationship or a 5 year relationship each person has to be giving a benefit of doubt to actually believing the next person who conveniently comes up and says they "always loved you and had feeling for you from the start" as you did to him. Seems kinda contrived and may not come off as sincere as you know what I mean? Are you just another opportunist like other women trying to fly in like a innocent dove offering more of the same? first month in using the "LOVE WORDS" then 3 months later saying you need space just so you can go freak another dude and hence, another pattern?If you are worth dating or his time you would just sit back and be a friend,platonic, sex buddy or friends with benefits- you decide...But what I wouldn't suggest is you continuing your approach because don't get it confused- You will never be his ex and as much as women pride themselves on trying to pride themselves on trying to hurry and rush his feelings to just "get over her" because your better. Its just selfish and inconsiderate and possibly your timing is questionable. He needs time to forgive himself (you can mention this), and he needs time to be single and date others (you can mention this) and do this without having self interest for involvement, but as a friend. No one is stopping you from dating during the meanwhile. I would just encourage him and not judge him because positioning yourself as the alternative may be worse because your already analyzing him instead of just giving him his time to heal