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Should I trust him again

Published on February 7, 2013 by sohana

My hus cheated on me before 3years fr a stripper.we were very happy at that time wit our two tht time he was very interested in sex with me.nd I gt pragnent fr 3rd time! At that time my hus spented some quality time wit her fr somedays in abroad without my knowledge!he never spent tht kind of time or tour with me yet. Aftr my hus come back our city(they lived in different country)he broke up their relation bt they were still hus decided frm the beginning that he wanted to spent time with her bt aftr that they will broke up as he can't continue their relation as he wz a married person!but he told her also that he will love her always nd he did a lot fr made her life easy nd happy even she never wanted it frm him.nd other side he spented tme wit her nd buy some xpensive gift fr me nd kids by his by day my hus being rude to me nd I felt he didn't care or love me like when I catch him,he told me that was his misdeeds nd temporary attraction.he loved nd loves me only.he beg me to give him one last chance to prove I m confused that he loved her truly bt as he was married with me that's why he couldn't continue.may b he can't forget her.we r still together for 14yrs bt I didn't found him such romantic nd caring fr me yet! We never hd spented time together only even fr 2-3 days after marriage!i m confused is he really loves me or loved her than me?sud I trust him again?my hus is a sex seeker seems to I love him nd hate him also.i don't want he just live with me fr kids!i want to know is his love is real fr me as he said or he just use me!is cheater is always a cheater!if he loved me how can he cheated on me?


My head hurts just from trying to read this posting! Can you please restate your question in something at least approaching complete words and acceptable English grammar, and stop using all the text messaging acronyms and abbreviations?