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Should I talk to him again and explain that I still want more than FWB???

Published on May 17, 2013 by bwwaf

It's been about 2years that I met this guy and we were instantly attracted, talked for a few weeks and then had our first "hook-up". I've talked to him two different times that I deserve more, I want more and I don't want to be his "F-buddy"!!!

Well the first time didn't phase him really cause my actions weren't backing up my words. The last time I was open and honest about my desires, which was about Aug. 2012, 1year after we met. We decided to take it slow, talk as friends and it was here and there texts for about 5months. He started to come around again w/ his calling and texting and I was good about not allowing anything to happen, but I couldn't resist any longer. I ultimately gave in and we've been hooking up again for past 4months or so. WHY??? For the time we weren't talking I was okay w/ us finally ending and if a friendship was there then it would be just that. I love being w/ him but I hate when he leaves, which takes me back to square one ... again!!! Since we started again I haven't brought up any sort of conversation like before cause I feel like it got me nowhere and now I deserve what he's putting out cause I allowed again. I don't want to believe these past two years have been wasteful, that he's in my life for this long for a GOOD reason! What should I do at this point ... talk again or just stop answering his communications??? Thank you in advance for mature, honest advice!!!


You have him right where you want him. Grab him and blow his brains out. If he does not respond to you, he is impervious. Drop him like a ton of bricks.

This attitude that you have like you have the "golden vagina" is a typical reason why men cheat and have multiple partners. We guys laugh at women like you and tell you to hit the road; Here's why: no one is chasing women who think like you so now you want to strong arm a guy who only esteemed you as you esteemed yourself- which is only for sexual fun? You can't just try to hold anyone hostage to think "YOUR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY". Really? No disrespect, even if he got with you the clock would start back at zero and you don't get a 5 year each in three years if your still sexing. Basically your trying to feel important because all the other men are treating you the same; if you had prospects you wouldn't be trying to force this guy to take you serious. Why not just ask for an Exit Interview and ask him what is he looking for in a realtionship to see if you meet his standards outside of sex

Cordero is right about everything. However, I want to give you a path to success.

If you find out what this guy wants and satisfy his requirements, you will be so in. That is what I meant about "putting him in a headlock".

Cordero thinks that you are incapable of doing this, of finding out what this guy wants and satisfying him. I am an optimist, and I think that you can do it if you put your mind to it.

I am optimistic because if you take the trouble to find out what he needs and satisfy him, you could have a blissful relationship and a brilliantly satisfying life.

I'm just saying.

It is up to you.

So, don't listen to a word that Cordero says. You can do this. Just pay attention to the guy and find out what his requirements for a relationship are. He may not even know. If so, school him on the issue. Then, show him how you can meet all of his requirements.

I wish you the best.