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Should I take him back?

Published on December 25, 2013 by hh

I met a guy few months back and I truly liked him. He told me he was more physically attracted to me than emotionally. I being emotionally attracted to him, made out with him because I felt good being close to him. We made out a few times but every time he told me he couldnt leave his gf. He recently moved to another country and there also he slept with some random girl. Our conversations went from extreme to minimal and a few days back I told him he needs to leave me alone. A month passed by since we hadn't talked at all. I was pursued by a friend of his but I turned him down. It was then when he contacted me and told me he wanted me back in his life and I should give it another shot. I am so confused as what to do


I would ask yourself a simple question: would I be willing to face the issues that this guy is bringing to the relationship? If it was me, I would move on. If he is going to sleep with some random girl while out of the country, that says a lot about his character. Is this the kind of man you want in your life?

The question for you is: Do you want to be normal friends without any rift? If so, what does that mean for you? What does normal friends mean?

I would obviously want him to be more than my friends. But I do understand that I shouldn't be wanting someone who has low morals as my man. I can have him as my friend rather than not have him at all. But I fear that what if I am not able to move on at all. I plan to move to another country for my education, so I think maybe when I will have a while change in my routine the whole thing will kind of subside