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Should I still hope to get back with my ex?

Published on May 29, 2012 by kelone

My girlfriend who I was with for 12years broke up with me in April of last year. She said she was tired of waiting around. I always loved her (still do) but I was just scared of marriage. I know its been a year but I still think about her every day and I keep hoping each day is the day she decides to give us another chance. What should I do


What have you done in that year to resolve your fears about marriage? If you haven't transformed that and still hold fears around marriage, you need to truly let go of any hope of getting back with her, as it was healthy of her to let go after waiting so long and allow herself the opportunity to develop a relationship with someone who is comfortable and wanting the same thing she wants--marriage. But, if you no longer hold fears around marriage, then let her know that if she isn't already involved with someone else.

She might be thinking of you too. If she is the one for you, and you for her, it's time for you to overcome your fear and propose. Receiving coaching to assist you with transforming the fear into confidence would be a positive endeavor for you. It could bring fulfillment to your life in ways unknown to you before, eliminate your sorrow, and solve this problem.

Are you still afraid of marriage? What are you afraid of exactly? Unless you work on the issue of your fear in making a lifelong commitment, even if she did change her mind you would be back where you are again. If you are unable to provide what she's looking for, you should let her go. If you WANT her to give you another chance, you have to show her that you're serious about looking at what's keeping you stuck. That means getting professional help.