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should I stay with him?

Published on February 25, 2013 by lucy-alice

I had been with my boyfriend 5 months everything was going really well until I received a message from a girl on my facebook saying that my boyfriend had been messaging her saying things that are inappropriate, this included him saying to her 'sit on my face' 'i can make you feel better by kissing and cuddling you' 'let me join you' (with wink faces)'im so attracted to you i cant help it sorry' I am broken by this and have been so angry at him for going behind my back however he wont leave me alone and i still love him and want to be with him despite the fact he has lost my trust. he begged to see me so I went to speak with him after a week of it happening, he was in tears saying that he wants another chance and he will not break us like this again, how can i be sure he will not hurt me again. I want us to work but if i go back i will feel weak.. what should i do?