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Should I stay or cut and run ?

Published on January 29, 2014 by teresais

I put myself on a date site to find a relationship and met a man looking for the same .. A relationship. The first month of dating him I learned he had been broken up with his ex less than a month.. We have been together for over a year and for the entire year he has been tracking her every move using paid internet people scearcing services and sending her emails saying how he thinks of her every day and will always love her. He also hacked her dating profiles and read all her messages.

His response to me when I question him on this is that it dosent matter anyway because all that he dose makes no difference , she will have nothing to do with him. He also is angry that I read his letters to her saying that was none of my business .

6 months ago I asked him for a commitment ring and he says that's no problem he will commit to me and stop pursuing his ex ,But just last week I found more emails. I want to believe him that he will stop . My question is how long do I put up with this and do I except the ring ?