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Should I stay

Published on August 17, 2013 by wonderingnow

I have been in a relationship for almost 4 years with a wonderful guy. We live together now and it has been great. We have similar living styles, are great partners in a lot of ways, and have remained each other’s best friends. On the surface it seems like everything is perfect, but I have this feeling that does not go away that I may be missing out on more. For the past year I would say that while we are extremely physical with each other in the sense that we hold hands all the time, hug kiss, cuddle etc. the feeling of sexual chemistry and wanting to rip each others clothes off has faded. I have a hard time knowing if this is normal after dating so long…or if it’s not! I’m only in my mid 20’s and feel like this is a feeling I should HAVE in a relationship still no matter how long we have been together.

I also am struggling with what he does for a living. I know love always comes before money, but let’s be real..... money makes life easier. I’ve never had the experience of dating someone who was able to take me out and did not struggle with their career and their goals. Maybe more than just a money thing it’s that I long to be with someone who is secure with what they do for a living. Always being up and down because he is not having career success (he’s an actor....) is very hard. I hesitate to leave because so many things are right. We are compatible, love each other, live well together, and ultimately have a lot of basic opinions on life in common… but I can’t help but be curious what else is out there for me.

How do you know? Very confused…