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Should I spit or swallow?

Published on May 4, 2011 by confusedlady

I always thought it was expectded that you swallow - but I am talking to more and more of my married friends and they said they would never swallow. At first I was concerned about the calories but it seem semen only has about 8 calories per tsp so Im ok with that part. Is it ok to spit?


Let me get this're concerned with the caloric intake from sperm, as opposed to it tasting nasty? HA HA!

But seriously, I don't think men are caught up in whether or not you swallow his ejaculate or spit it out. Maybe you can split the difference and let him come on your chest or something...HA HA!

I think what's okay is to do you want. If you don't like swallowing, don't do it.

The guy should be too busy enjoying his orgasm to care about etiquette.

The only real rule is - if you aren't in a long-term relationship, use a condom. Then you won't have to worry about spitting, swallowing, or cancer.

cancer? i don't understand - how do you give a blow job with a condom? I don't know any guy who would be into that