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Should I See Other Men?

Published on May 7, 2013 by met2013

I was living on the West Coast for about 5 months and started seeing someone for the last 2 months I was there. It's the best relationship either of us has ever had. I was offered an amazing job opportunity across the country and wasn't really getting anything out my current job, so I decided to leave. He was very supportive of the decision (although sad to see me go). We left things kind of open ended. We still talk quite frequently, and there's already talks of him visiting. I'm wondering though if I should try to get into the scene in my new town and meet people and go out on dates. He hasn't put a formal commitment on the table, but I'm worried that testing the waters here locally could make things more complicated. Or that if we end up together in the future that me seeing other people could ruin that chance. I really only want to be with him, but since he's across the country and won't be here anytime soon, I'm at a loss as what to do.


There is a clear solution: you need to talk to each other about where you stand. You're right, if you do make a move, such as dating in your current town and this gus assumed you two were still together, things could get very complicated. Just have a conversation and find out whether or not you two want to be in a committed relationship or if the distance is just too much for the both of you. You don't even need to bring up about how you want to know because then you know whether or not you shuld be on the dating scene. Just do so for you own peace of mind.