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should i or shouldn't i ?

Published on April 3, 2014 by akmar

what do i do when my boyfriend and i have some misunderstanding? i tried to communicate but he always with his ego. so what should i do? call him to solve it or just let it gets better by itself?


Hello Akmar,

I understand how frustrating it is to have a misunderstanding with your boyfriend and it's hard to know how to fix it. To give you a specific answer it would be helpful to know what the misunderstanding is about.

Please let me know.

Coach Christine

text him and tell him that if he want to be all about him then so be it... and tell him that it is a problem and u are not haveing it any more and tell him how u feel... and at the end... tell him to pick and if he dont pick u then u dont need him

It is easy for misunderstandings to blossom into big disagreements if they are not nipped in the bud which does not happen by ignoring the disagreements. Does he know how you feel about wanting to get your relationship back on track? When you listen to him, does he listen to you back? However you answer that question, does that make you hopeful for the long term success of your relationship?