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Should I move on or hope for the best?

Published on February 5, 2012 by cinsastick

I met someone who's interested in me as much as I'm interested in him. However, due to the fact that the only women he's dated and married, he's once divorced, have been Latinas, which I am also. He relocated, to start anew and to try find someone that is Jewish, but then he met me. However, he pushes me away, even though, it's so obvious he doesn't want to. I'm at a loss as to what to do. I don't understand how someone can push away the person they want because of past experiences.


It sounds to me like he either isn't ready and is scared or this could be a pattern for him. I have known a lot of Jewish men who are not really attracted to Jewish women (issues there, right?) but wouldn't really want to marry out of their faith or have pressure from family to marry a Jewish girl. I think him pushing you away is his issue, not yours and if he's not ready to step up to the plate, it's time for you to find someone who wants to be with you and will treat you well. Is this a pattern for you? To go after men who are not emotionally available or treat you badly? If so you might want to do some work on yourself so you expect more respect!

Hi There

I believe that we can get what we truly want, but first we need to know exactly what that is. Not in relation to a specific person, but in terms of the qualities that you want in your soulmate. Go ahead. Make a list, make a washboard, or a video using animoto. Decide which of those qualities really are a must for you. Then decide whether this guy actually fits them. My sense is that you deserve to have someone who truly wants you, without pushing you away. Your soulmate will want to be with you and take care of you no matter what the issues.

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Wishing you lots of love