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should i move on or wait?

Published on March 19, 2013 by lerato

i have been dating this guy from may last year.our relationship has been kind of on & off.he has this tendency of ignoring me.we last had a proper conversation last during january i got fed up & sent him a msg saying that he should have had the intergrity & decency to atleast tell me he is no longer interested in me instead of pretending i dont exist & ignoring my messages.he then kept quiet never replied instead he blocked me on whatsapp.i then again sent him a msg saying i was rude to him & i will never contact u again-bye.he then replied by saying hes going through hell & you cant be part of it.a month later he unblocked on questoin what does he mean by him going through & i cant be part of breaking up with me or what?does want he want space?& why did unblock me on whatsapp,even though hes not on speaking terms with me?