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Should I move on or give it time?

Published on February 11, 2013 by gia75

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for about a year and a half now. He works third shift and I work all shifts really. He was also an only child with lots of friends and his mom/ best friend that deceased 3 years ago and a dad with cancer within past year. I have been there for him and stuck by him always. We both have our own houses recently purchased within 2 years. It took about 6 months for him to actually commit to the "boyfriend/girlfriend" status to begin with and had a lot of issues regarding that. He hasn't had but one relationship before me and it was fifteen years ago. He watched his friends wives and knowing how his last ended he feared them thinking all women and or relationships were control and drama and all the same. He hates drama and anything that comes with it. Which we all know its hard work sometimes and good communication. Anyways fast forward a year..he has made a lot of great changes. He has never been that guy to yell or put me down ever, knows everything about me in the beginning did small things that were wonderful all of the above. Everything most men don't do.. Well these days and he has always told me he doesn't want to move in till my child reaches 18 which is 3 more years. I am suffering financially and i feels like he could careless about it. He spends more time alone and or with friends sometimes then me. We have our "Saturday evenings" Fridays are hit and miss pending other plans he may have made with his friends. I am alone more then with him. I don't go anywhere or do anything fun and just took on a third job and stressed and he wonders why i don't run up to his place like I did before as much. I have to tell him to do things for me if I need help which I don't like to do and rarely do. My fifteen year old is challenging on top of that. Sex is one or twice a month these days and he has gained weight which maybe some of the reason for that. It just seems like he doesn't get it. He thinks I want too much but in reality its way less then most women ask for.I feel like I have to hold his hand through it all. I sleep 2 hours at best during the week and with work and my child I cant be doing that. I also owe him money a small amount which occasionally hell remind me of knowing I will pay it but in financial straights recently due to business slowing from my long time job.I think I have been just backing away and letting it be instead of consuming my life with it, I already secretly get bitter toward him for my financial situation even though I know it was my decision to stay. He is and can be the most wonderful man..and I know he doubts himself. I just don't know what to do. We text more then we see each other or talk. Its just disappointing and hard when I fell in love with him for all the reasons he choosing not to be anymore.