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should i marry him?

Published on January 27, 2014 by icravehislove5ever

Okay, so this is about to sound cheezy as hell but I've liked someone for about 3years now a lot but I never thought id have a chance with him and one day we became really close as friends but I always had a secret lil crush on him and I tell him things I don't feel comfortable telling anyone else and he's been here for me through everything and I told him I liked him one day&he told me he liked me and I fell in love so fast. We've both been extremely hurt in the past and I feel he won't hurt me. He wants to propose to me and we've been together alil less than a month and I'm 16.... but I trust him with everything. What do I do?


Without sounding condescending, you're so young. If you don't know the answer about marrying him, wait. You have so much living to do. Enjoy him. Date him. Be his friend. Love him. But there is no rush to marry him at 16. You'll likely find that what you love about him isn't so great a year from now. Give yourself the ability to change your mind about him. After marriage it's a lot harder to walk away.