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Should i make a move or ask him if he likes me?

Published on July 8, 2010 by kate01

I've known this guy for about 4-5 months. Over time we've gone through what i like to call "stages." he's shy. but, very friendly to everyone. we've gone from talkin/hanging out once a week to hanging out a couple times a week and back to once a week. he's told me he's scaried of girls (but, has alot of girls that are his friends.) and that he has a hard time talking around girls he likes. i told him i had the same problem. when we went dancing one night (because i mentioned that i liked it and he said he's always wanted to try it.) i mentioned that i had a really hard time talkin' somethings. he said, "me too." we danced with other people that night and he had to leave early (he was leavin for a trip early in the mornin') but, i was dancing with someone else. he told my sister that he wanted to dance with me but, i was always takin' so my sister came over asked the guy i was dancing with to dance and then the guy i like came over and asked me to dance. well, that was about a month ago and as i've gotten to know him more i'm more able to be myself and it's easier for me to talk. he has alot of other girls that are his friends and i can't figure out if i'm just "one more friend" or if he's just to shy. he told me he was going to ask me on a date sometime but, never has. ps. he's never had a girlfriend (only held hands) and has never kissed anyone. i'm really into his guy. he's probably the most genuine guy i've ever met. please help