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should i leave my boyfriend for breaking my conditions for taking him back?

Published on February 1, 2010 by me1987

me & the boyfriend had gotten back together after a past affair he was having. he begged for me to take him back. i did with conditions she would have nothing to do with her..even talking to her. recently i found out with him telling me. she is talking to him. his responce was to keep up appearances and not have the people he knows they had something. but they are having conversations. what should i do trust him or just end this torture i feel that he does feel for her, like "he wants his cake and ice cream to"


You should not put up with it. If he cheated on you, he should not be talking to her. Bottom line. No excuse and no reason justifies it. To hell with his appearance (that's a lame excuse if you ask me). Being with you should be more important than that and if he's contacting the girl he cheated on you with it shows an utter lack of respect for you on his part. You already put the terms in place and if he can't stick to that, he can't be trusted. Dump him and don't take him back. You deserve someone better who cares enough about you to be faithful.

This guy's excuse is flimsy. If he cared enough about you to make the effort and rebuild your trust then he wouldn't be doing this. Clearly he has no respect for this girl or you.

I agree that the excuse is flimsy. If he's serious and committed, he'd cut her off totally, 100% and it wouldn't be an issue.