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Should i leave him or give him some time?

Published on August 7, 2012 by zavine

I love my partner allot but i know hes still inlove with his ex every time her name comes up, he gets sad he wants to die ec.... should i stay with him or just give it up once and for all and leave him, hes trying take her out of his life for once and for all he doesnt call her her doesnt email her i know he havent been seeing her or any other women but just seeing him get sad over another woman breaks my heart, makes me really sad then i start to think should i stay with him or leave i dont want some other woman to be an opstacle in my life for ever she is not there in person but she is in his taughts.


No man can serve two masters. it just does not work that way. my advise is to listen to your heart. if you very serious about this guy.. give him a chance but if he contiues to pursue the feelings and thoughts he has for her your going to have to let him go honey.. hope i helped.

If he is so obviously still on love with her, why are you with him? You need to give him space to deal with his emotions.