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should i keep trying or break-up?

Published on September 7, 2010 by joselin

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 months all together.We were with eachother for 2 monthsuntill we both agreed to break up beacuse my mom did not agree with the relationship and it was like going to hell and back every day ...we practically took a month off but we never reallly stopped seeing eachother and we didnt change the views or affections for eachother.He told me he missed me and then i reassured him thati would try my best to be with him as much aspossible so we ended going back out....its been 2 months going on three and well now it feels that the sole purpose we broke up was unnecsasary because we never get to see each other because now he works alot.and thats what we both didnt want to see less ofeachother.i can safely say im in lve with him but im waiting for him to tell me before i take another step into that what should i do it feeels like im not his priority anymore ,and he makes me feel as though im not appreciated !ive gotten to the point where i want to break up with him but its so hard to let him go because of the fear he might catchh on when we are thru....I really need help.


i think there is more negative facts in your relationship. You should find another man. (sometimes moms know better than we think (my mom saved me from dreaded relaionship))

i know its awfully hard to get over.and if you want to break up with him its not love. its just a hobby to be with person. but you must try. be strong, dont give up and find better soulmate :)

good luck