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should I have not called him

Published on August 7, 2010 by doodlebug

I'm in a relationship with a co-worker "friends with benefits" for over a year. We stopped our relationship for about 3 months because I had sent a couple of text messages to him asking for advise with a job I was doing. He apologized to me and we re started seeing each other again. On Saturday, I called him at his other job asking if he was interested in helping me with a catering job. I know he works alone. So I figured it was ok to call since no one was around him. Since my phone call he seems very distant to me only talks when he has to. I asked him today if everything was ok with him and he said yes. Even though I do not believe this to be the case. So I asked again, and said if he wanted to talk, I was there. He got upset and stopped talking to me. Was I wrong in calling? He and I always get along great. I know he is very scared of getting "caught" with our affair. We are very careful when we do anything so that no one talks. What do I do? Did I blow it? He is a very private person and does not open up too much. So I tend to read between the lines sometimes too much. We are from different cultures I am white and he is hispanic. I'm not sure if I crossed the line by calling. Any advise? I enjoy my relationship with him and do not want to do anything to jepordize it. Thanks!


Remember this golden rule: Men do not like to talk. Its has nothing to do with you or women. We guys just do not like to jibble jabble.

Next time you are out in public, or just driving. Look around. You will see women on their cell phones .... in grocery stores, in malls, while driving. Rarely would see a man on cell phone. Okay, may be you see them at airport when they are doing business calls. But thats about it.

Women feel good when they talk. Good for them. Men are men and we do not bond by talking. Period. Its a guy thing.

Now coming to your question. When you guy is quiet, the worst of the worst thing you can do is ask him questions, and say you want to talk. Hello, we are quiet for a reason. what you can do now, is just chill. do not call him, do not text him. Wait for him to contact you. And when he does, remember the golden rule. Have sex, enjoy your man, but do not expect him to call you ;-)