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should i have a fling with mr. wrong or wait around for mr. right?

Published on September 2, 2010 by marymary

i like a guy who is all wrong but fun should i go for fun even if its just momentary or should i wait and wait until mr. right comes along, if he ever does?


It depends if the action is in line with your morals. If this doesn't phase you AND you can be 100000% sure you won't develop feelings (and what woman can really?) then go for it. I know a guy or two from my past that I've never developed feelings for and I am sure that if I call them, they'd be at my place in 1/2 hour, but tomorrow morning I want to feel good about what I did.

I don't know really. I guess I'm quite torn about this. Damn maturity.

Are a few brief moments of pleasure worth your self-respect? This will bring you NOTHING but heartache! Yes,I understand how hard it is waiting for that special someone,but I guarantee you that if you will then in the end you'll be glad you did. God has the best in mind for you,so wait on His timing. I'll be praying for you.

go and have fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you do not have to have sex with the guy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if romance blossoms in the future great otherwise move on !!!!!!!!!!!!!! remember men are like buses another one comes along in 10 minutes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!