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Should I go out on this date?

Published on July 6, 2009 by sweetpain

There is this guy I have been talking to online, and I have met before. He seems to really like me and has asked for my number and to go out on a date a few times. But the thing is Im afraid I will not be attracted to him physically. Should I just go out on a date and see how it goes? I dont want to hurt him, he is so nice. Thanks for your advice.


OK, help me out here. You said that you have met him before, but then you said that you're afraid that you will not be attracted to him physically. So does that mena that you weren't attracted to him the first time that you saw him?

When I met him, I was with my ex. It was a brief introduction and I really didnt pay much attention to him. To be honest, I was not that attracted to him during that brief I dont know how Im going to react if I go out with him. I feel there is something missing and Im not connecting. He is very nice, the convo is good, but I have some doubts how attracted I will be.

Oh, for goodness sake, GO. I met my S.O. a dozen times socially before anything clicked. Just go with no expectations, and have a good time. :-)

Dating is about takin' that chance. It's about taking a lot of chances: "will he/she be attracted to me," "will we have chemistry," "what if he/she is the worst kisser since the invention of lips!?"

All you can do is be honest. Meet him, and if it's not working, tell him the chemistry just isn't there. If he can't handle that, he shouldn't be dating.