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should i go or stay

Published on April 29, 2014 by redhead55

been with him for 10 yrs- he still stay on line looking at porns, isn't at all romantic, nice when he wants sex, gets upset when its over over anything, but he offers a safe place to be, helps gets me thru hard times, feeds me, etc. I'm confused...


Well I mean, all guys do that. They are sexual human beings. They think about sex a lot more then we do. Ya know? I think it is normal for guys to be looking at porn. But are you giving him what he needs in the bedroom, because if not, that could be a reason why he's looking at porn.

Hopefully you should be able to tell him how you are feeling. A loving relationship relies heavily on both partners caring about each other's happiness and wellbeing. Honest strait forward communication is essential. You have the right to have great sex! Porn (unless watched with your partner and enjoyed by both people) is not about having a sex life with a human, it's masturbation. Maybe you could suggest that he could masturbate while thinking of you or while looking at your picture. Above all humans need love and attention, and finding out what is best for both of you is important (talking about what you need and what you are willing to give). And if worse comes to worse and there is no way to communicate with your partner than find a new one. Because there are a whole-hell-of a lot of men who want someone to love, and want to pay attention to there partner, and grant her sexual desires, etc. Those men also have jobs, you may have to get one too, but finances shouldn't prevent you from creating a loving environment for yourself. Don't be shy, find what you need.

I know quit a few women who watch porn and have high sex drives, actually. And I also know first hand that a woman can have a higher sex drive then her male partner. So....I call bull sh*t!

I wonder as I read your post if you really are "safe". If you continue down the path of depending on him, I wonder how you can keep him interested in helping you through the hard times. I wonder if your desire to reach out to a community as you are now is helping you or hurting you in his eyes. What does your gut tell you?