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Should I go On?

Published on September 28, 2013 by despicable

so hes older than me like 7 years older. im 23 and hes 29. he's got a kid already but never seen it for 2 years.he met parents but didnt know about his kid yet, and im scared if they wont approve and could be the hindrance of our relationship. I love this guy so much. but I have second thoughts not just because of the kid but we always fought every week we have less patience in all things though were working on it and adjust to every situation sometimes I feel like as the day goes by he doesn't show empathy towards me or to our relationship, and hes checking my emails but when i look at his mails its already cleaned and there are times he removes/delete conversation on selected friends or his M.U's I dont know. he's clever in hiding I can say. but he claim to be loyal and faithful to me in fact he gets mad whenever he heard someone whose cheating. he's not a man of chocolates and flowers he's not that sweet, there are times i feel like hes not contented of me and feel bored. though we are amazing in bed, hes good but its not just about sex oftentimes hes competitive on me. if I do this he will also do that etc. moreover, his parents want us to get married, we have plans, but the question is .. is he the right one? marriage is a lifetime commitment. will I ever be happy with him considering his attitude?