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Should i give my ex a second chanse?

Published on April 6, 2010 by jessika_grrr

Me and my ex have been through a lot together. He swears he didnt cheat on me, everyone who im close to says he didn't cheat. Im skeptical because i found a picture of him and this girl hugging online, and the caption said how much shes falling in love with him and how she wants to be more then best friends. He denied leading her on or having an affair.. He even cries to me to get back together. Should i trust him and go back out with him? Or believe the pictures?


Maybe she was in her own fantasy world, wishing and trying to get him to be part of it. If you decide to give him a chance, you must let this go and move forward without bringing it up over and over and over again.

Its your call. Has he ever done anything else to draw your suspicion? Would he be willing to let you check up on his FB and email accounts every once in a while to earn your trust back? Only you know him and you know the situation. Why was in he in that picture with the girl in the first place? But I say you should go with your gut. Trust yourself.

It sounds like he should not be friends with this girl. Is he willing to stop hanging out with her in order to get you back? If so, I'd say to give him another chance. But what is his excuse/reasoning for hugging anther girl in a picture? I agree with Lyz though, checking up on him might help in your situation. Girls who openly show interest in taken men are trouble. They have no problem/moral issues about being the other woman and encouraging men to cheat. If you do take him back, do it on your terms and make sure she is completely out of the picture.