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Should I give my b/f of almost 2 years a second chance?

Published on February 1, 2013 by femmefatale

He has never gave me any reason not to trust me in past. I mean we're with each other 24/7 and we never get tired of each other, of course we give each other space. He always loved me and cared for me like no other. He was the kindest soul I have ever met. He treats his mother with respect unlike any other guy i have met which shows he has a good heart. But there was one thing his friends were the total opposite. They were immature and disrespectful with women even towards me behind his back. Well he said he would never be like his friends. But and i put my heart on the line and did. But recently i caught him drinking with one of his immature buddies' and he they were looking at porn but thats not what bothered me what bothered me is that after they were looking at girls' profiles they knew from school and outside of school and just talking vulgar things about how hot they were and things they would do to them, I have never felt so humiliated and pathetic in my life, He cried and blamed the beer and said he would kill him self if i left him and said he would never cheat on me and never had but to me those words he spoke that night still echo in my head and make me feel hes already there.