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Should I get back with my ex?

Published on January 4, 2014 by loverboymadness

Me and this girl were friends with benefits for six months, but everyone knew we had pictures together on Facebook, we talked about each other on ask fm and we hung out. People would say we weren't friends with benefits, it was the same as if we were dating, because really there was no difference. I asks her out and suddenly I felt like when we kissed and made out it didn't feel right we went to a event for a couple nights and whenever we kissed I just wanted to get away it don't feel right to me I had no desire whatsoever to kiss her or do anything, and she had um hands that smelled bad. This is weird but bothered me. Because I noticed it every time we were together. I sound so shallow. So when we returned home I told her we shouldn't date anymore. It didn't feel right. Three months later the girl has been on my mind and she tells me I was an amazing guy and she would do it all again in an a heartbeat because I was worth it. I know I'm not. This girl was a wonderful lady to me she treated me perfect and I'm thinking I was too hard on her. I kind of feel I need to give it another shot. Thinking maybe I took little things and made too big of a deal with them. Maybe if we started over and did being on the go or friends with beinifits again the right way and tried it all over slower and not rushed by everyone telling me to ask her out. Another downside is I do not have my license yet and she lives 45 minutes away we didn't see each other a whole lot but with today's technology we still talk and FaceTime every day and this year I get my license. Please help me? Should I really try this again or am I only setting her up for another heartbreak? I think we may have potential we weere going so great then I ruined it by Probably looking at small things and being shallow. Please help soon.


if you don't have feelings for her, then stop.Don't give her false hope, assurance and encouragement if you don't feel anything spark between the two of you then talk to her, you guys need to discuss the level of your relationship. but since both of you are single, dude don't close any doors. :) you'll never know.