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Should I fight for him?

Published on August 30, 2013 by zion

Ok.. here it goes. This is a strange story, and I will spare you the most of the details. For the last couple of months, I developed some strong feelings for one of my best friends. Even though he is a great deal younger than me, we have always had this strong bond between us. Even he thought so. About two months ago, we talked about the possibility of us beeing together as a couple. But none of us where ready for it at the time. About a month ago, the subject came up again. I knew that I wasnt in love with him, the good old fashion way, but I felt strongly for him. He felt the exact same way about me: Not in love, but attracted! In this first week, he really pursued me in every way, and he "blew me away" big time! He asked me to be with him, and I decided to take a chance.. even though I knew we both had doubts. Everyone told us, that the "in-love-feeling" possibly would develope itself over time, and we tried to ignore all the confusions and just enjoy the time we spent together. Sadly, about a week ago, he decided to call it off.. after only three weeks. He told me that he couldnt "feel it" for me.. and that he could sense my doubts about him as well. That made him feel insecure big time! Of course I was very sad that he broke up, but I also knew it was the right thing to do at the time. A couple of days later, we sat down and talked about it. I then felt that I wasnt ready to let him go! But I also felt this relief from the pressure from a relationship we weren't ready for. He then told me that he wasnt ready at all to be with me again.. He still didnt have the feelings for me. Also he was hurt before, because he felt that I wasn't fighting for him when we where together. I just "gave up". The I asked him, how he felt if I masterede the courage in the future and really fought to get him back. He told me that he wasnt ready for that.. right now.. He needs his freedom. But then he told me that he would look forward to it if I decided to really fight for him. Of course I cant decide on that right now. I still need to figure out if he is the man for me.. And I also need my freedom. I also know that I would have to fight alone and sort of "convince" him. He told me that. But I know that it is the only way: He needs me to show my strenght and to be resolute, 'cause he needs to be "blown" away by me. Just like he did the first week when we got togehter. Still.. I am not sure. He is worth the fight, I'm sure of that.. but do I dare to risk it all, even if I have no guarantee that he wants to be with me again? Is it too risky?


It sounds to me like both of you are powerfully drawn together and that can be frightening. It also sounds like each of you have deep seated needs that are not being addressed.

People are all 'wired' differently and have different needs and ways of expressing themselves and these needs. Just from the few comments you said, it sounds like he may have a core/soul level need for freedom. It is possible that you may need more structure and stability. And it's possible that you were drawn together because of some unfinished business from another lifetime together. If I were to do a reading, I could answer your questions more completely.

I do psychic readings that look at the core/soul beliefs/energies of each of you. You can find out what each of you need to have a solid, lasting and loving relationship. You also know what unseen challenges you are facing and why you are so strongly attracted to each other. I'd be happy to work with you. Check out my YourTango profile and you can find the link to my website.

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