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Should I feel at odds with my parents relationship with my ex?

Published on August 31, 2014 by onetimer82__

My parents are relatively close to my ex-girlfriend and her new partner and I'm not sure how I should feel about it. My ex and I have a child together and for this reason I can understand my parents wanting to keep in touch with my ex so they can see their grandchild, which is fine, but they often go over to each other's houses for bbq's and drinks and I've even heard my mum gets quite flirty with my ex's new partner after she's had a few to drink(!) Recently my parents renewed their wedding vows and my ex and her partner were invited and again, it all just felt a bit weird for me sitting in a room with my girlfriend, my parents, family and lots of family friends and... my ex and her new partner. :/ Considering that my ex has never made it easy for me to be a dad to our child and has put me through a fair bit since we broke up, I can't help but feel a little "betrayed" by my parents as when I was going through said hard times they never stood in my corner or supported me, their son. Instead, they chose to wash their hands of it all and the message I got was as long as THEY were allowed to see their grandchild then that's all that mattered, sod everyone else. I feel like my ex has manipulated my own parents and they've fallen for it, choosing to do what they were told rather than risk being told they could not see their grandchild, even though that was the situation that I was in. The child in question is 12 now so alot of these problems are in the past but I just think that my parents current 'closeness' with my ex and her new partner is all a bit strange and I've felt like saying something for ages now. Any advice please?