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Give Advice: My Boyfriend Is Boring

Published on December 6, 2010 by kittenmittten

My boyfriend is boring.  He accepts my interests, but he isn't open to learning about them.  I've asked him what his interests are, but he doesn't have many at all.  Playing pool and watching tv isn't quite fun when you do it all the time!  We've discussed this matter before, but he always seems to have an excuse to stay in.  He treats me well and I love him, but I feel like we don't have enough in common to be compatible in a relationship.  I really don't want to leave him.  Is there anything I can do to save this relationship?


Just because you care about someone, doesn't mean they are the right person for you. If you want to go to the flea market with him, take dance lessons with him, go hiking together, or bowling etc., and he flatly refuses, then yes, you two are not compatible. If you explain to him how unhappy you are, enough to possibly break up with him, maybe he will step up to the plate. If he doesn't, he doesn't want to change and never will, and you will either have to break up with him, or do these things by yourself or with friends, and accept him as a homebody. There are other men out there who you may be happier with.

It sounds like a read like "Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay" may be a little bedtime reading while he is next to you snoring and you're wondering...

How is your sexual compatibility? Maybe you can try to spice things up in bed. As long as you love him, then you should try to work things out. If the love is still there, then there is nothing that can't be conquered...if you're bored because you've fallen out of love, then thats another problem altogether. Cheers. J

This is very good advise and very true. Everything safire1023 said is completely true. I am in the same situation. My guy is great, but my guy is boring. I never thought I would use the word boring, but he is. I have interests and he will not even look into them.
All he wants to do are his own. It makes you think, does he care about "me" at all? Is he THAT selfish? That's it, I think the word is selfish honey, not boring.