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Should I continue to be friends with this guy or not?

Published on January 29, 2013 by xibeta1920

I was at a coffee shop and I forgot my debit cards so I want be needing the coffee. It was a guy behind me that offered to pay for my drink. I told him thanks but its was okay I did need the drink anyways. So I left the coffee place and the guy come behind and handed me the drink that I ordered. I told him again that it was really okay and he didn't have to pay for my coffee (I was a little embarrassed. Also, I didn't want to take the coffee because I felt that he would want my number or ask me out on a date). He said he was just trying to be nice so I did end up taking the drink. He walked back inside the coffee shop then he come right back out and asked me for my number.

Me:I told him no. Coffee guy: I'm just trying to get to know you as a friend nothing more. Me: Nothing more just friends. I didn't want to come off as one of the females who think that every guy that approaches her want something more and I do believe that male and females can be friends ( my best friends for 5 years is a male) He offered to show me around STL and around campus. Since I was new to town I and no friends or family around I took him up on his offer. However I did explained to him that I'm only looking for friendship nothing more.

I hand out a few times and I feel that we were bonding as friends but I think he started to want something a little more. Every time we hang out he offered to pay for my things. I could tell him no at five times and he is still offering. He bought me two gifts and he only known me less then six weeks. I turned all his offers to pay for drinks, food, events, and gifts down because I didn't want him to think that he is investing into a potential relationship or lead him on. He asked me personal questions about my ex and how many people I been in relationship with didn't answer. Also he offered to give me guys advice and relationship whenever I'm having trouble in those area. I'm think to myself thanks a lot but I didn't even asked you to help me in those area. Also he only been in two relationship and really haven't had much interaction with females. He is a nice guy with a great personality but some of this behaviors annoys the hell out of me. For instance he eats from my plate without asking and he always try to look over me when I'm taking. I have tried to just be his friends and he continued to say he just what pure friendship but his action say differently. I was about to keep off all ties then started to telling me how about how he was adopted and his parents have both past away. His mother just recently and he is not close to his adopted sisters or brothers. So I over looked so of his neediness and behavior and continued to be his friend ( he called over day twice and always wanted to see me) I feel suffocated. I have tried to even get him to invited his other few friends that he had to the events that I event him to; so that it wouldn't seem like something more. He got upset when I asked him because he said that I was trying to make it seem as if I didn't what to hang out with him alone.

Another incident that occurred was when he called and asked me "what was I looking for in a friends." He sound a little frustrated over the phone. I was kind of confused because this is a question someone typically asked if they are looking for a bf/gf. His explanations was because he had a friend in a past to betray him so he wanted to know what type of friends I was looking for and what I was expecting out of this relationship. I told him just friendship nothing more. I got him to tell me his real tension of the question and it was because he really wanted to know how I felt about him. Was I attracted to him? What was I looking for in a bf? And if I could see him like a potential bf. I let him know that I was just still wanted to be friends and that was all that I wanted. I went two week w/o talking to him to give myself and him some space. I see him in the café and he asked if we were still cool and I told he yea. So we started talking like normal then he asked if me if I was involved with my ex. Minded you I did not tell him that I started talking to my ex again. I asked him why and he told he just had a gut feeling because of my distant and I haven't been calling or answering his calls or texts. Later on in the conversation he told me that he went to a psychic about his career and love life. He told me that the psychic said I was attracted to him (I'm not attracted to him physically or emotionally) and we could have a lasting romantic relationship but there were two obstacles standing in his way. 1. And ex is going to come back into my life and that I wasn't over my ex 2. I was going to travel a lot and so was he.

The only thing she was right about was the ex part coming back into my life but I kick him to the curve. I'm enjoy my single life right now and i'm not depressed about it at all. I have nothing against psychics or people who use them but I felt that this give him hope that we could be more than just friends. I try to dodge him when I see him on campus and avoid talking to him when I go to me writing tutor which is in the same area as the math tutor (he is in the math/writing center a lot) . What do I do? what do I tell him the next time he ask me why my phone keep telling him it's not in service? Should I continue to avoid him? Should I continue to tried to be friends or not? I don't want to come off as a mean person or offered him. I have never broken off a friendship please help?