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Should I continue to see my ex?

Published on February 5, 2010 by rosikitty

We broke up 5 1/2 months ago and we slowly started hanging out little by little to basically every day off he has or every day off i have we see each other. He said that he wants to make sure everything is ok before we take the leap to be together again. Because when we do get back together its going to be a serious relationship. We broke up mostly because of me. There are 2 sides to everything but I did alot of the poisoning with my needy girl tactics and dumb needing to constantly prove his love for me tests. I realized only after he broke up with my that i had these flaws for I was "perfect" before. sigh.... i wish i wasnt so stubborn. but at least i realized i was making it a very negative place to be around me.


Well, it sounds like you've learned what mistakes needed to be addressed in the past and that he's willing to give it another try (but not right away). Do you want to give it another try? I think if you do, you should go for it. Now that you know what didn't work about the relationship before, you can work on making things better between the two of you this time around. Just give him some time and hang out like you are, eventually you'll end up back together.