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should i contact the other woman?

Published on July 5, 2010 by loisgriffin

i've been dating my bf for a year and a half. i suspect he's cheating on me with a friend of a friend but he denies it. i have not caught him blatantly in the act but there's just too many suspicious signs. should i confront the girl directly? i know i should trust him - and i did - but things just aren't adding up . i don't feel like i can move on without knowing for sure.


Dear Loisgriffin,

trust your instrinct, it is always right. It is better to know than not knw. you will drive yourself crazy. If your BF is cheating on you, he will not admit it. You will most likely would like to believe him. You said it yourself "things are adding up",because he is cheating. Stop wasting your time and get to the bottom of it. You don't have nothing to lose except your piece of mind.

This happened to me several years ago, my BF of 9 years was cheating on me. He flately denied it until I caught "a naked girl in his bed". I had a key to his place but I never just stop by. He was caught red handed. He blamed it on me for "not wanting to married him". To make the story short, I blamed myself, we even tried therapy. I just died not trust him. To this date, I am so glad I walk away. it was really hard, but I am so much happier. Please trust that you are worth it, no one should treat you this way. good luck