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Should I confront him about the rumors?

Published on May 9, 2010 by dmonroe

I have been talking to this guy for about a few months now.. lately Ive been feeling like he's trying to hide something. On top of that I've been hearing things from other people that he's a shady person and that he is married..My friends have been in my ear telling me to stay away from him, So I've been really distant with him lately and he's sensed that I havent been different with him and confronted me about it, trying to reassure me that he cares about me.. how do I not know that he's lying to me.. i really like this guy, and I dont know what I should do... Shoud I confront him about these rumors? or just keep my distance?


You've been hearing that he's married? Sheesh. Yes, you should confront him and do a little recon on your own to suss out some information.

Wow...I feel for you because it feels like if you ask...he'll think you are weak minded and listen to others.....which is not true....I think it determines who is feeding you this it someone you know who is out for your best that why they are telling it someone who is jealous of you and what you are trying to have to decide...but whatever you do...think first