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Should I call and ask for an apology?

Published on June 4, 2010 by sunshine_fading

I am at the stage in this betrayal where I am remembering conversations that happened. And now everything seems like a lie, and that he never listened to me. All I feel now is hurt, used and anger. I can't forgive myself. I allowed this to go on for a bit over 2 months. I knew him from high school so I thought I could trust him. Currently, I feel as though I should call him and ask for an apology. Should I just ignore this feeling and cut all contact with him? And should I call and ask for the apology?


I can understand that trying to get an apology would give you some closure and help you to move on. The problem is since as you posted, he lies and doesn't listen to you, so calling him, trying to get the apology you deserve might make you feel even worse. He may not give it or if he does, he may not mean it.

I know you want to get your feelings out. I recommend getting a journal, or even creating a document in MS Word or notepad if you prefer. Get all your feelings out, all the sadness, anger, etc....on paper or electronically...don't edit yourself, just let the words and feelings flow. This will help you to get over your hurt feelings and slowly begin to move on.

If you're certain he's lied and betrayed you, there's no reason to have him a part of your life anymore. You want positive, supportive, honest people in your life. You can choose who is worthy to be in your life and who is not. From your post, it seems that he is not. You should feel proud of yourself for breaking things off. That took courage.

Don't be so hard on yourself. Many of us stay with men who mistreat us longer than we should. Learn from this experience for the next time.