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should I be worried?

Published on November 8, 2010 by ambermccrackin

my current boyfriend of two years has been telling me countless stories of his past relationships; all of which he remained good friends with. all, except for one of his first girlfriends; whom he dated for four and a half years. and this seemed not to bother me; due to the fact that it was when he was 16 (he recently turned 22) though throughout the entire we've been together, he always seems to bring her up in conversation. when I start feeling upset, he merely says he was emotionally opening up to me because he loves me so. although recently, on his social networks, he's been posting poems as well as music videos about how he'd never forget the way he'd felt for his "first real love" which greatly upset me because he'd always told me I was his first real love when we'd began dating. do you honestly think he may not be completely over her? and if so; would it be wise to simpley ignore this?


You might request him not to talk about his ex. This way it will help him to gradually get him over it. He simply need time to heal him and at all cause prevent him from seeing that girl!