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should I be worried if my bf of 3 yrs hasn't proposed?

Published on October 3, 2013 by zetty55

im 25 and ive been dating my bf for 3 yrs. I live with my parents still and so does he,i just don't know what to think, I asked him about it and he just says brush it off. am I wasting my time?


How old is your boyfriend? Have the two of you discussed your views on marriage? I think it's very important to open up to each other and let him know you want to get married. My opinion is that there's no certain age when a person "should" be married, and maybe your boyfriend feels that way too. You definitely need to sit down and have a discussion with him about your future together. Most people don't want to have this sort of conversation because it's pretty serious, so make sure you don't sound like you are attacking him or demanding answers. You mentioned he still lives with his parents... This could be a reason why he's not ready for marriage. Perhaps he wants to get his life in order, move out, and then focus on a life with you — not to mention the cost of a wedding. I don't know the details of his circumstances, but I wouldn't move on right away without having a discussion about the future.