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Should i be with my boyfriend or not?

Published on February 5, 2012 by alenadenese

My boyfriend and i have been dating for a total of 11 months going on a year. We broke up 3 times and got back together 4 times. We are currently going on almost 6 months as of right now. The second time we broke up, he started dating a girl 2 days later. They were flirting and having fun right in front of me. That relationship with that girl lasted 4 months then we got back together. Just this past week he tried dumping me because he thought that i didnt care about him anymore and because i guess i didnt appreciate him being there. We got togethere again (he didn't completely dump me. It was a long break). After we got back together he was pretty mean to me. He would say and do things that did not agree with me. He talked to more girls than me. I don't know what i should do. I do but i dont want to be with him. I would miss him if he left but i would feel relieved. We cant really do anything together because my parents say im too young to go over to his house and everyday at school its like the days just repeat because there's nothing  exciting going on. Please help me. Im soo lost. 


You should probably leave him alone. Based off the fact that he is being mean and doesn't seem to really want to be with you. This may be a little harsh, but it seems like he is only with you until he finds something else he is interested in.

"I would miss him if he left, but I would feel relieved."

That statement right there says it all. I think you know that his behavior makes you frustrated and miserable, so why are you trying to hold on? If it's more about being able to just to have a boyfriend, then you are putting yourself through agony for nothing. Breaking up and getting back together is in no way healthy and normal, especially how often it's happened between the both of you, and it hasn't even been a year! He even began dating a girl two days after one of your 'breaks', stayed with her for 4 months and then came running back to you and you took him back? Be smarter and stronger than this joker you're allowing in your life. It's time to boot him and gain refocus back onto yourself. Once you're back in a really happy place and comfortable being on your own, you will attract a far better man into your life. Good luck!

When will you realize that you as a woman do the choosing and you are settling for someone who does not deserve to have you. This man does not respect you based on the way he is treating you. Dump him and do some work on your self esteem to determine what values are important to you in a mate. You would benefit from having a coach who can help you expand your comfort zone and raise your standards.