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Should I be concerned that my new boyfriend won't add me to his facebook friends list?

Published on May 4, 2010 by redbreast

I just recently got involved with a guy that refuses to add me as a friend on facebook. He says he keeps his romantic relationships separate from his friends relationships. He added me for "48 hours" he said so I can look at pictures or whatever but then I am cut off. He told me it is "nothing personal". I want to be understanding, but I have been lied to repeatedly in past relationships, and it is so hard to trust. Should I be worried about this?


In a way yes. I agree with the not being friends on facebook, that's just fuel to the fire. But wanting to keep you seperate from his friends isn't quite right. Because if you're going to be in a relationship then you should accept each other into you're lives and obviously friends are a part of your lives.

and that whole 48 hour thing is weird. I would tread carefully with this one.

Trust him, you just started a relationship and if things go well and keep going then eventually he will add you as a friend, hopefully. But sometimes it's best for couples not to be friends on facebook because jealousy can really cause a lot of problems.

There is an article in support of this

For all you know he had problems in the a past relationship because he friended someone and then turned sour and had to unfriend them.

For the meantime Trust Him