YESSSS! If he's so uncomfortable with himself that having a girlfriend who cares for him isn't enough for his "ego" and he has to get, for lack of a better word, approved by other girls, then this isn't the guy you want. I used to be in relationships with other guys before and always "innocently" flirted with other guys (because, lets face it, it does feel good), but with my boyfriend now, I don't need that. He makes me feel loved and wanted and beautiful even when I'm not around him, and that's all I need. For my boyfriend and I, and all our coupled friends, the two rules we have all come to agree on is 1) there is a girlfriend/boyfriend bubble and if you are not the girlfriend/boyfriend of this person you are not to get so close to pop the bubble, and 2) if you're doing something you wouldn't do with your girlfriend/boyfriend standing right next to you, watching you, then you SHOULD NOT BE DOING IT. Hope this helped! -Claire