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Shopping for at home dinner date

Published on March 5, 2013 by johnice

The new guy I've just started dating asked me over for dinner and a movie at his house this weekend. I sent him an email with some ideas for dinner and mentioned that I think it will be fun for us to shop together as part of our cooking adventure. His email response was enthusiastic noting that "doing some shopping ahead of time seems like a great idea." I'm confused and don't know how to ask for clarification without awkwardness given the infancy of our relationship. I've just assumed that we would shop together for what we'll need to prepare dinner and that he would foot the grocery bill, given that it was his idea and he invited me. I know he doesn't cook and I'm the one with recipes, so am I correct in interpreting this as a suggestion that I be the one to do the shopping ahead of time? Clarification would be needed regardless of the fact that I am a single mother and cannot afford to foot the bill. Given the fact that I cannot afford to foot the bill, however, I can't allow myself to get boxed into to the shopping responsibilities. Help! How can I deal with this gracefully?? Thanks


Just ask him for clarification. It's not a good sign that even at this stage you're questioning how to ask him a simple question.