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Is she interested?

Published on May 2, 2010 by lespaul315

I'm a 8th grade guy and yes, I am aware that i am out of place on this website but I'm having trouble with a girl. The problem is, I'm shy, she is also shy, and I don't know if she's interested. I've liked this girl for almost 6 months, and just the other day my friend gave me her number. I texted her and the she seemed happy to talk to me. The next day found the courage to force out the word "Hi," She smiled andsaid Hi back. I texted her again and e talked for a little bit, I found out she had a softball game. I went to her game, and afterwards I stayed for a little to say good game. She smiled and said thanks. (remember, she's very shy) I texted her for over an hour the other day, she seemed to enjoy talking, and she said she's going to try to come to my Counties track meet that's coming up. With all this in mind, I'm always the one to text her first. We don't talk in person, and I just want to know if I'm wasting my time.



You're not wasting your time, she's shy and texting is a excellent way to connect. If she didn't want to text/talk to you, then she wouldn't. Take it slow. If you are watching her game and she's watching you, that's nice, but you are not spending time together. Go to another game, soccer, lacrosse or baseball, one where you can sit together cheer on the school team and enjoy the game and eachother's company, get an ice cream or something. Group dates are an excellent idea at your age, get a few guys and a few girls to meet, go to a carnival, or mini golfing, or to a gocart track. Good luck!