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She ended it after 5 years

Published on October 7, 2013 by jhamker123

Me and my girlfriend broke up after 5 years because she lost the feeling with me. its been 4 months and she already has a new boyfriend. But she still talks to me on a regular basis (maybe once a week). I've been taking it pretty hard but i'm also doing alot to try and make myself the kind of person she would be attracted to again. Is there still hope for us or should i cut my losses and move on?


Sorry to hear this.

You should move on.

And you should ask yourself how helpful it is to keep in constant contact. Remaining "friends" is good in theory, but not if it causes you pain to hear about her life without you and especially not if it keeps you from moving on. Remaining "friendly" might be a better move, and letting a few months go by without talking with her.

I know this from experience. Sorry for your pain.

You should move on. It sounds like she is using you and wants the best of both worlds - her new boyfriend and the comfort of you. You should continue improving yourself but to better yourself as a person and not for her to fall in love with you again. That will probably happen when you're over her. Be well and good luck!

Yes, it's time to move on. You deserve to be treated better than that and as more than a fall back for her.

My wife left me for another guy and yet I still wanted her back. I tried everything. Trying to be what she wanted and I kept talking to her and trying to be friendly yet nothing worked. I eventually met someone a few months later and after my wife found out that's when she wanted to try and work things out again. Basically it was okay for her to have someone and she just wanted me to be lonely. I didn't get back together with her. You just need to stay strong and get her out of your life. You will find someone else one day too and im sure she will regret leaving you. But do not go back to her.

You both need to say goodbye. Keeping contact will only hurt you and prevent both of you from moving forward with you next relationship.