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is she crazy???

Published on July 7, 2010 by justmac1

i was married for 4 yrs to a girl who almost from day one never trusted me we met on a chat line, got together and after about 7 months decided to get married. and almost immediately after that we had our first argument because she thought i was still playing the field, which i wasnt i cant think of any time i ever gave her reason to think i was messing around no strange numbers on my phone no text messages i always called if i was going to be late. etc. but it seemed like i was always getting the third degree.after about 15 of these i asked her to go saying that if she didnt trust me we shouldnt be together. well she would cry saying it wouldnt happen anymore and i would give her the benefit of the doubt.well after 4 yrs of the same arguments ive fallen out of love with her and asked her to move out {i live on my parents property} well she did but now threatens to have me thrown in jail then says she loves and misses me and wants me back then in the next sentence shes threatening again i once was sleeping and at 3 oclock in the morning found her in my room telling me to give her another chance but ow she really scares me and want a divorce but she keeps calling any suggestions


wow 7 months and then married? Takes a lot of time to get to know somebody, and I guess she was only showing you her "good" side during that time. Had you dated longer, you would have found out she had a crazy jealous streak. Somebody hurt her in the past, and she is making you pay for it. Get a restraining order to keep her away from you and your parents property, and do not have any further contact with her except in the courtroom. Good luck to you.

I have to agree with chococat here. Your first mistake was marrying her so quickly without even really knowing her. Don't be in such a rush. TAKE YOUR TIME and get to know somebody COMPLETELY before you make this type of commitment. And definitely get a restraining order because clearly this woman has serious issues. I will be praying for her and for you.

This woman sounds COMPLETELY insane. I agree with the responses above. It's clear she was sort of playing along those seven months and showing you the side she knew you would want to see. She sounds insecure and downright unstable, so don't hesitate to get some kind of restraining order and don't contact her anymore under any circumstances. Get a divorce as quickly as possible.

What is she threatening to throw you in jail for? If there is nothing behind them (i.e. you did something illegal) then her threats are just threats and you need to get a restraining order.

Okay...number one...she's completely insane!!! Number two...she has her own insecurity issues that she can't deal with. Sounds to me like maybe she was cheated on before and now she has a hard time trusting men. The fact that the two of you met online might play a factor because I know a lot of people who are in a relationship (dating or married) and they haven't deleted their accounts and still get emails from random people and that poses a threat to the relationship if the partner finds out. If you're being honest and have stopped the whole email thing and call when you're gonna be late and all that jazz then she's just simply a very insecure and controlling woman. People who act like that, I believe are people who have certain insecurities in themselves and that's why they take it out on their partners!

I agree with everyone else's responses too about marrying too quickly...especially when meeting people online. Don't trust so quickly and don't rush into anything!

As for the jail Lyz said, it's a false threat...she can't throw you into jail unless you've done somthing illegal. I also suggest getting a restraining order, block her number and lose all contact with her.

Good luck!!!