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sharing my man

Published on April 1, 2010 by witetiger

my current boyfriend got a woman pregant when we had a breakup and now says he has to marry her if it is his,because he wants to be responsable. he says he loves me and wants to continue seeing me no matter what, i hate sharing him with this other woman but am finding it hard to let go. what should i do?


Do you honestly think this situation is going to work out? Do you really want to be his mistress in waiting while he's married to someone else? It honestly sounds like there is something wrong with your boyfriend. How can this actually be a logical plan in any way? Just because he got her pregnant doesn't mean he has to marry her in order to "be responsible." He just needs to pay child support and spend time with his kid. His logic sounds like some kind of BS excuse to have two women at once. You should walk away from this situation, it is not worth it. Of course it will be hard to let go, but you will be able to move on and find someone else. Hopefully someone who can grasp what relationship boundaries really are.

This man is lying to you. He wouldn't marry this girl if he didn't want to .If you stay you aren't "sharing" him, you are getting nothing of him and he is only taking from you. You need to let him go because he isn't going to change.

The samething happened to me, but he got her pregnant while we were together because she had the babies (twins) about six months after we got back together. Needless to say we're not anymore. He married her too... to be responsible. It's not responsible. It's stupid. He can be there for the baby if he really wanted to be with you.

Let him go. It may be hard to do. But the best things for us are usually the hardest. Don't force it. You'll only be forcing yourself into heartache.

Take care.