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Published on January 7, 2012 by aprtag9

I am having problems with me wanting sex more then my boyfriend. Yes i could have it 3 times a day but I just want it more than 2 times a week. He has me right there wanting him and he will fall asleep. I am tired of wanting it more than him and feeling rejected!!!!


The purpose of dating is to find someone compatible with you in all the major ways. Sexual compatibility is one of the major ways. You're not going to change and neither is he. It's time for you to move on. I cared about a man for a year, but had the same problem as you. We broke up. I found a man who totally matched me sexually, and we're now married. I now have a lifetime of feeling satisfied versus frustrated. I wish the same for you.

I would say talk to him about how you feel, then maybe tell him "hey I want to have some now" lol if that does not work and hes not open to talk about it , well then you would have to move on. Thats hard and like safire1023 said meet someone who wants the same things you do. To love someone is as they say : something that does not come around all the time , but to be unhappy or feel rejected does not have to happen either. Do whats right for you and remember that you come first in your life. Good luck xoxo

I have to agree with the previous 2 posters. You do NOT want to be stuck in a relationship where your sexual needs are incompatible.

Unfortunately I was in your situation 20 years ago except we were Christians and didn't have sex before marriage. It has been a constant source of heartache and struggle which could have been avoided. At this point in our relationship he NEVER wants sex, while I need it more and more as I approach menopause.

The problem with discussing this problem (in my experience anyway) is it really doesn't change anything. He can't just change his sexual urges at will any more than I can! We've been through counseling soooo many times and he does better a few months after which just lets me down even more when he goes back to his old ways. He tries hard but I truly believe this is a hormonal issue and can't be changed.

Believe me, the sense of rejection and pain only gets worse the longer the problem continues. In the past I turned to food, alcohol and other self-destructive behaviors in a failed attempt to numb the pain and fill the void. Fortunately I've turned to a more healthy lifestyle instead and am left contemplating the future of our relationship which is good in so many ways but lacking in the physical.

I feel for you and send you best wishes!

We have a son together and I love him very much. It isnt that easy. It is great when we do have it...Was just hoping that everything else would over power the sex part and I could be happy!

He isn't the forward one to start the sex..I think I need to just tell him when I want it and see if that helps. He feels bad that I am the "horny" one and needs it more. He is a wonderful man and father. thanks